About us

Si Innovation started its activity in 2021, but don’t be fooled by the timeline because we only employ experienced experts with 25 years of experience in the industry. The company specializes in selling new and used construction machinery. We have excellent technical knowledge about devices and an extensive network of contacts in Poland, Germany, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, and Iceland, which allows us to find any machine at the customer’s request. It also makes it easier to know several foreign languages, including German, English, and Russian.

We also help people who own used devices and would like to sell them. We have a rich portfolio of clients from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the Balkan countries. What is more, we are also perfectly aware that the purchase of a construction machine is not the cheapest investment, therefore, to meet the expectations of our clients, we help in obtaining financing in the form of leasing or bank loans.

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